Iron – On Wovel Label

Iron on Woven Label

It is a widely used product in various sizes using different raw materials such as Taffeta, Damask, or Satin labels with iron-on backing. Woven label with adhesive backing would last longer. Some customers tend to stitch to assure longevity.

A lot of fashion brands provide a soft touch tag free label on the inside of a garment whereas, some use it on the outside of a garment and take its advantage as it provides a walking advertising board for the brand.

More Information


  1. Heat transfer labels appear to be a part of the product.
  2. Permanent adhesive is completely washable, and won’t come off.
  3. Irons on in seconds, stays on forever
  4. Do not leave any stain on surface
  5. It is the comfort alternative to traditional fabric labels.
  6. Available in multi colors and wide range
  7. Resistant to moisture
  8. Enhance the brand image.


  1. Labels are all straight cut and on rolls, pre-cut. Folds are not possible.

Segments used

  1. Used in almost all the industries including garments, garment accessories, electronic products, machineries, toys or other related industries.
  2. Cotton basics or technical fabrics care content information or brand logos, heat transfer has a solution to almost everyone.
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