Woven Edge with Monofilament

Woven edge label

Woven labels are textiles and by nature contain stitches or ‘binders’ which can distract the eye and break-up small letters. To overcome this we offer our monofilament satin qualities on broadloom and woven edge. Minute nylon threads are included in the warp and these are used to tie down the figure weft invisibly.

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  1. The result is a very solid figure with a less textiles appearance
  2. The combination of high definition and monofilament gives a truly ‘’Rolls Royce ‘’ quality
  3. Intricately detailed designs
  4. High definition
  5. Small letters are visible.
  6. It forms a truly upscale quality.


  1. Cost is more

Segments used

  1. It is mainly used where the superior clarity is needed such as branded clothing and quilts etc.
Woven Edge (needle edge) labelIron on Woven Label