Woven Edge

Woven Edge Label

Woven labels are made by either Needle loom or Broad loom. The main difference is the quality in the edges. Needle loom label has tie-knot edges and broad loom label has heat-cut edges. Ribbon come out from needle loom then cut into label pieces. Fabric come out from broad loom then cut into ribbons and labels by using heat knife.

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  1. Not make any itching problem on human body
  2. Long lasting through repeated use, including washings and dryer use.
  3. Conventional split edge label may cause irritation to the wearer of a garment, where as the woven edge label not


  1. Artwork/graphics limitations: All artwork, logos, and lettering have to be a clear, smoothed edged presentation.
  2. This type of option is relatively uncommon because of the price and the higher minimum quantity requirements.

Segments used

  1. “Woven edge” option—this is recommended for extremely small labels of smaller than 0.5″ in height.
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